Rihanna And Jay-Z Teams With Budweiser For Global Music Ad

Rihanna and Jay-Z will be popping a couple cans of Budweiser in the beer company’s new Global Music campaign.

The ads will be aired on YouTube and on television.

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Made for Music is Budweiser’s first push using music as the core platform, and Rihanna and Jay-Z are the two biggest artists in hip-hop and pop right now.

“Budweiser Made for Music is a tribute to those who continue to put their energy and passion everyday in the pursuit of their dreams,” Ricardo Marques, Budweiser’s global advertising director, said in a statement. “Jay-Z and Rihanna represent these values and are therefore an incredible source of inspiration to us all.”

The ads end with the tagline, “It begins and ends with what you make.”

Rihanna is currently on one of her biggest tours to date Diamonds World Tour. While Jay-Z just release what could be his biggest selling album to date Magna Carta Holy Grail.