Stacious – Love Spell Lyrics

(Verse 1)
Listen every morning when I rise
A rise an kiss the sun
See you next to me a beautiful day as just begun
You warm mi with your touch
I love your sweet cores
Hoo baby I swear that you’re the best

You meck mi want you
You meck mi need you
You meck mi want to shear my life
You meck mi feel you
You meck mi breed you baby
You keeping me alive

Every minute every hour
Your on my mind throughout the day

You meck mi want you
You mmeck mi need you boy
I hope that he answer

(Verse 2)
Is it a state a confusion
A passionate delusion
Or hear for a second just a tempting illusion
But when a body is combined is love diffusion
Beat it up beat it up
Mi no care mi get a new one
Touch mi body spank mi like mi daddy
All mi a beg mi no wan you fi sorry fi mi
Exploding a rage like carry
Role dem reverse mi a ask you fi marry

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 3)
Mi never expect seh mi would a fall in a love
A bad gyal like me should a stand up in a love
Go weh wid book fairy tale never believe in a love
Now the question is will I be keeping my love
If mi get stupid mi would a kill him wid lick
Out a everybody pon the land a me him pick
Fi get you so fine wid you perfect design
Oh man let me get that cause am loosing my mind

(Repeat Chorus)