Chris Brown Called Rihanna Desperate After Seeing Twerking Video

While fans of Rihanna are raving about her twerking video that hit the net last weekend, Chris Brown is not impressed.

The video shows Rihanna shaking her booty to a verse by Drake, who happens to be Chris Brown’s biggest nemesis.

Chris Brown Keeping Rihanna On New Album X

A scource close to Breezy says after he saw the video he shook his head and called Rihanna desperate.

“Yeah, he saw it,” the source said. “All he did was laugh at it, say, ‘wow,’ and shake his head.”

“He loves her and has respect for her that’s out of this world, but clearly she’s desperate for attention,” the source added.

Rihanna and Chris Brown short-lived reunion came to an abrupt end in May after only a few months of rekindling their relationship.


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    Mwanaisha Masika


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    Kellyann Rae-anna Amiena

    twerking needs a$$ not face turn around rihanna…#i’mstraightnostrangethoughts.

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    I agree with chris on this one.