Leftside – Monkey Biznizz Lyrics

Monkey biz, monkey biz, monkey biznizz
Monkey biz, monkey biz, monkey biznizz
Monkey biz, monkey biz, monkey biznizz
Monkey biznizz

(Verse 1)
Dem a watch we dweet
Like a track BT
We be rolling in di fire
So we go heat teeth
Monkey see, monkey do
But that ain’t not me
Cause whenever wi dweet, dem a repeat like a re-tweet

I stay busy like a bee check my spread sheet
Mi have dem likkle bwoy deh girls up inna mi bed sheet
Cause dem a fool, dem a nerd, dead beat
Plus no girl no waan no bwoy wid no dead meat

Wi a di real deal, wi a real trend setter
Everything wi do dem a follow wi like twitter
But dem cyaa do it like we that’s why dem so bitter
Dem a baby to di thing give dem a baby sitter

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Swaggerific, charismatic
Got money in ma pocket
Tek you girl automatic, take her higher than a matic
I just do it like nikey
So shi check mi wid a tik
Shi start send on di bom wine wid a toc and a tic
Yes I am a gyallis, me and di girls dem never malice
Own a key inna mi own a palace
Wa this wi a di baddest thing inna existence
Never putting up resistance
If you look inna mi closet you wi si more than six pants

Wi no response, wi no Atlas, wi no Hark Eye, Wi no Guard Man
Oh lord man, real yard man
Run out di bwoy dem weh gone wrong
I can be fi di gyal dem that’s why dem a seh wi sweet

(Repeat Chorus)