Tommy Lee Ft Jimbo – Di Creature Lyrics

Di whole a dem fraid a di creature
Mi style shot like 9 milliliter
No true mi seh Spartan angel
Mi full a stripe more than zebra
Mobay a no walk over
13 a no walk over
New York a no walk over
Jimbo tell dem a badness run bout yah

(Verse 1)
Sparta rise di conesh-ti-cof
And step out a ball a fire
Mi si when di K get out
100 man, a 100 shot a let out
Pis and go home before mi dawgs dem get out
Shot inna yo face, yo duppy mi cyaa meck out
Inn yah fi rip, mi guns dem just get out
Dem down a house no meck nobody get out
Camouflage suit and bullet proof vest out

Wi appear like Catrina
Worst than Hiroshima
Crep different place a di drena
Gun dem down inna dutty water
Chop off di head a di leader
And di 50 caliber mi call punisher
Destiny tell Stylysh bring di finisher
Left di whole a dem a fraid fi Catrina

One belly drop inna back street straight
Di AK buss and di whole place shake
Like a earth quake di neighborhood wake

Jimbo wa kind a sound di rifle just meck
DI gun weh mi buss that a custom made
bwoy get gunshot still a shake all day
Bwoy drop a ground blood a run like lake
Mi run over dem like icen paw cake

Dem cyaa tek wi fi idiot
Sparta mi seh, wi no tek chat
Big up cray man a real G that
And mi no care which pu**y waan pree that
Any bwoy wi a led him haffi buy block
Cunta a watch dem pon di scope top

Wi no tek program, wi no inna nothing weh dem inna
A no we that

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Verse 1)

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  1. Di whole a dem fraid a d creature. (8)