Jamaican Gays Planned Massive Protest Against Church

A group of homosexuals in Jamaica are planning a massive protest in Kingston this weekend in response to a church group who planned a public prayer.

Members of The leadership of Prayer 2000 has indicated that they will be gathering at select locations in Kingston and Montego Bay on Sunday to hold a prayer vigil against the gay community who are challenging the constitutionality of Jamaica’s infamous buggery law.

A Supreme Court hearing on the issue is set for Tuesday June 25.

United States-based gay rights group AIDS-Free World on behalf of Jamaican Javed Jaghai, is asking the Supreme Court to rule on whether the buggery law breaches the rights of gays under the new Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedoms law passed in 2011.

“We the gays in Jamaica are planning our response peacefully to their protest this coming Sunday also. It will be hell and powder house and we are not afraid,” the group said in a statement.

“We have seen in the media that the churches are planning an anti-gay march this coming Sunday in relation to the buggery law,” the statement continues. “It’s very disgusting to see that the churches are involved in discrimination, condemnation of people and support of homosexuals to be imprisoned. This shows how bias the churches are and how hypocritical they are about their role in society.”

The leadership of Prayer 2000 says they are planning an all out peaceful protest island-wide.



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