Masicka – Deadly Second Lyrics

If dem dis a funeral again
If dem dis a funeral again

Tell dem a rappid mi fire
Di shatty mi fire
Strapping dem clapping like hand in di quire
Not even prayer cannot kill dem guy yah
Shatting some lire when machine gun fire
Blood wash him, skin look like when matches burn tire
Just buy a strap mi call that di young quire
Anytime it rise bwoy out
Current a kick like mi strap it
Some wire, frequent flyer
Shopping gun buyer me di street dem a higher
Fi decease dem quire
Caw mi bad like Alliance plus 3 Empire
Pass mi di steel weh dem feel kentire
Walk pon dem endz like what’s up
Squeeze up di chigger till that bruk
Shot buss di glock dem meck gyal get mi c**k suck
None a dem no bad inn yah, dem just a chat tough

Inna di ghetto, inn deh mi come from
A no cartoon thing like Jerry an Tom
Tugs dem a roll out deadly an arm
Wi a suffer waan money inna every man palm
Dutty Babylon stop everything
Mi try plant some green dem burn down di form
Put a gun paw yuh yo lock down in remand
Am a innocent youth how di judge seh mi wrong

Hell in di cell, down deh mi gone
Time will tell when Jah, Jah, come fi him land
Seh a nuff innocent youth sit down a Jail
No bail and nothing naw gwaan
Real life story not just a song
Dem naw judge me, dem a judge weh mi song
Stress turn up, hungry turn on
Police a come like beas dem a swarm
Run if yo arm or not cause inna di ghetto
Guess wa, yo still a get corn
All when wi cool wi a sinner wi a calm
Nobody wi naw kill dem a handcuff wi hand
Think dem seh together we stand
How much innocent blood dem shed on this land

Why follow criminal 911
True wi live inna di slum dem have dem eye pon man
Seh all wi bout is fight an gang
wa happen to di man weh fen fi him wife an kids
Meck steal an gravel an sand
Work like slave fi him family nam
Waan house big like pavilion
Wi get a good job, that is di plan

Caw any bwoy dis cyaa walk inn peace
From di south to di west
From di north to di east
A track wid di piece like when rat si di cheese
Mi pop off an clap, mi no flop fi seh freeze
Shot mi a squeeze meck yo drop to yo knee
Shot a fly through di wall an a chop through di breeze
Clip dem quack like snacks inna leaf
Meck shot pel him up people ask if a beas
Officer leave when di matic a squeeze
Got hi a sing like Alecia keys
Bwoy start phonic, an vomit, an wheeze
Left body pon di ground fi di magic have feast
Friend dem come look pon di body an grieve
Gavin pass mi di Appleton please
Meck mi drink an frass an circle dem endz wid mi friends
Fi succk dem inna coffin wid beas

Caw go tell dem we no fraid a people
So mi talk mi mind, an any bwoy feel like dem evil