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Rihanna Gave A Lucky Male Fan A Steamy Lap Dance [VIDEO]

One lucky Rihanna male fan left her gig in Belgium last night with a zipper smile on his face.

The Rude Girl surprised the male fan when she called him on stage for a lap dance during her Diamonds World Tour concert in Antwerp.

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Rihanna, who was scantily clad, laid the fan down on the stage and bump and grind on him. She clearly didn’t do that during her North American tour. Perhaps she didn’t want to risk a lawsuit.

Rihanna is currently making her way across Europe for her Diamonds World Tour.

The tour ends in October in Australia.


  1. she wine d co–y bad bad bad.

  2. no need to miss RiRi’s shows.

  3. LOL! Rhi-Rhi girl enjoy ya self

  4. This dude is going straight to the rest room after that. damn RiRi


  6. Sorry guys but this article and the story itself is inaccurate. This image and video was taken from Rihanna 2012 LOUD Tour. First of all the video was posted to YouTube June 28th, 2012. Her “Skin” single is not on the DWT set list and neither is the costume seen in the images above.