Ikaya – Fly away Lyrics

Lord Jesus, how the place full up a bad man
And some people weh so evilous
Look wa dem waan test, but dem cyaa test weh God bless
Mi know seh dem heartless but mi gwaan press wid God yes

On and on we go
On and on we go
On and on we go
Calm hi no

So from yo mind conceit then you shall achieve it
No meck dem stop yo wid dem bad energy yea
Dem know no love only evil dem a pree
Dem no waan mi fi be but

Jah make me fly away
Like a million star bucks
Take me away from the hard roads
You know

Jah make me fly away
fly I can take this no more
This is not what I hope for
You know

(Verse 1)
Mi seh it rough out deh
Tough out deh
Pagans dem nuff out deh
Nuff a dem a fight hard
Dem no waan mi buss out deh
Mi no listen to wa dutty people chat bout mi
Naw meck dem get mi down wid wa dem crazy mouth seh
Wa that dem dash out deh
Watch wa dem a stash out deh
Naw get caught up inna dem booby trap out deh
Father God guide mi step when mi touch out deh
Put mi inna pit but mi climb out deh

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Dem talking thia, dem talking that
Dem come inna mi face wid dem badmind chat
Dem dig dem hole, dem set dem trap
Dem no waan si mi rise
Dem naw si mi drop
Ikaya an mi a head to the top
Piece a the pie yes a my own that
Move forward an mi naw turn back
A shark eye bee so yo better know that

But a the same mouth seh ray
A the same one seh boo
And the same one seh dem
A the same one seh you
And a so mi come down to one conclusion
Cyaa thrust nothing weh a human

(Repeat Chorus 3X)

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