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Chronixx Says “Kanye West Is My Role Model” [VIDEO]

Chronixx is one of reggae’s brightest stars of the current generation of artists.

However, most of his inspiration comes from an unlikely source outside of reggae music.

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During an interview with BoomshotsTV, the singer/producer says G.O.O.D. Music rapper Kanye West is one of his biggest role models.

“That is coming from Kanye West being my role model in life,” Chronixx said about his unique sound. “Yes Kanye West because I find myself doing a lot of sampling. Almost 99% of my work has samples.”

Chronixx attribute Kanye West attention to details in his music as an inspiration.

Watch interview below.


  1. Michael Tod Baxter

    am ashamed of chronixx for this…

  2. this almost confirms my theory of chronixx being a member of the illuminati.

  3. kanye is a good musician…….love di message not di messenger.

  4. kanye is singing nothing to the message of reggae. chronixx wake up boss. y are a great singer. blessing.

  5. .Kanye’s music is is the exact opposite of the msg of reggae. All the great reggae and dancehall artist are out there why him nuh get inspired by them or at least him suda choose tupac cuz his msgs is about empowerment of black pple….#Am Afriad That Chronixx is about to be a sell out.

  6. I love this dude’s style of music n lyrics….so young but so divine shot….jah bless.