Chronixx Talks Fame, Fortune, Touring And More [VIDEO]

Reggae’s newest sensation Chronixx is rapidly becoming a force to be reckon with in the genre.

The Zinc Fence deejay sat down with Winford Williams of OnStage this weekend for a candid interview about his career.

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Chronixx, who recently return from a tour in Europe, says his tour was strictly “Chronixx in concert” despite rumors that he was performing on someone else’s tour.

“All the shows that we did was Chronixx in concert, like two to three hours performance,” Chronixx said. “We went to like 9 countries and did 9 shows, all European countries. We started in Belgium and then we went on to Paris and whole a vibe.”

Chronixx said all the shows were sold out.

The singer also addressed critics whom claims that fame and money has changed him.

“I tell people this, whatever you go and search for you will find it,” Chronixx said. “Why are you sitting down with your fingers cross hoping that one day I will switch? Free up your fingers. I tell people support the music and not the artist because the artist is just the vessel.”

Watch Chronixx full interview below.