Patexx – Red Party Cup Lyrics

Party tun up loud
The red cup dem full inna the crowd
Mi flossing tun up loud
Foota get the cup dem

(Verse 1)
Liquor nuff and mi full a chaser
And the Guinness dem pile up like a sky scraper
Not to mentioned mi Henny wid the rum and Vodka
A so mi shell down party inna Jamaica

Yeh this is all about the cup weh mi drink from
Some have the white, some have the blue, some have the green one
The big rapper dem a foreign have the pimp one
But this a weh Patexx drink from

Mi red party cup
Mi seh the party tun up
Full it a ice and pure liquor nuff
Mi red party cup
Look how the party tun up
Have the whole Dancehall a push it up
Dem red party cup
Patexx seh no this buss
Every event a shell it is a must
The red party cup
Mi a tell you bout the red party cup
Everybody push dem up

(Verse 2)
Big up the people dem weh drink from the bottle
Fly the cork, pop the caps, simple thing no hackle
Yo coming like a slave a spar wid a shackle
If you no have a red cup then no yo naw happen
Gwaan a Mrs Chin whole sail go shopping
Buy the case, buy the box, buy the pack by the dozen
Good price, no it no cost nothing
Look when mi fridge door open

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 2)

(Repeat Chorus)