Gappy Ranks – Everyday (Gyalis Order) Lyrics

Get gyal easy
Everyday, each and every day
Oh so easy
Everyday, each and every day

Gyallis from mi born
Dem gyal turn mi on

Caw mi get gyal easy
everyday, each and every day

(Verse 1)
Yow London gyal love mi like fatal attraction
Last night mi tek a gyal to the cinema
Caw shi tell mi seh shi no waan popcorn
Gyal a swarm mi, bag full a condom
Gyal a fly to you night till kingdom
All over the world hot girl waan come a my school
Fi the bedroom detention
Gyallis from Bambino
Crazy ice, ber ccrazy, machino
As a gyallis you no must be a genius
You no haffi be Laden and Chino
If you no know meck mi teach you fi get gyal
Gyal love mi like car love petrol
Just fi meet mi shi get accidental
Mi have gyal weh crazy an mental

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Alright then yos mood fi yes
Mi have more gyal than yacht weh have suit case
And mi don’t gamble like Vegas
So no man cyaa come in a my place
Mi have gyal over the try state
Trinidad gyal dem waan mi migrate
Mi have a real bad Jamaican girl
Shi wi buss it if a fool try violate
Mi a Jeminie, so shi done wi Tarrus an Virgo
And shi pack up hear bag long time
Caw real hot gyal no carry Khago
So as a gyallis, so yo know seh every gyal a fi mi own
Gyal a si mi and no leave mi alone
Natural loving you no use tiger bolt
25 gyal mi have name Simone

(Repeat Chorus 4X)