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Tommy Lee Says He Took On The Gaza Burden In Vybz Kartel Absence

Tommy Lee says he was forced to take on the burden of carrying the Gaza banner after Vybz Kartel got thrown behind bars in late 2011.

The “Uncle Demon” deejay, who is currently in Europe touring, took time out for an interview with Gibbo.

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According to Lee, Vybz Kartel’s absense left him the daunting task of heading the Gaza.

“After Worl’Boss went to jail I was kind of in the wilderness and unsure what to do because at the time I didn’t really understand anything about music,” Tommy lee told Gibbo.

“I was in a different world and the Gaza burden just came down on me, and I just had to start carry all the burden for Gaza and it’s a lot of stress, and a lot of people, and a lot of opposite sides to Gaza, so you done know I had to stay and fight for it,” Tommy Lee continues.

“I also created a thing called Gaza Sparta which is a part of the Gaza same way, and I had to help other artistes suffering in the ghetto same way,” Tommy Lee added.

Tommy Lee says this burden helped him to create the “Uncle Demon” alter ego that launched him into dancehall stardom.

Just last week Vybz Kartel released a statement condemning both Tommy Lee and Popcaan for betraying him.

“Despite being denied bail recently, and being betrayed by Popcaan and Tommy Lee whilst going through the darkest hour of my existence, I am unparalleled in my determination to remain positive,” Vybz Kartel said in a letter from behind bars addressing recent rumors of him being stabbed and beaten in jail.

Tommy Lee or Popcaan have yet to respond to those allegations made by Vybz Kartel.

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  3. Michael Maharaj

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  4. Seeing that photo remind me of that Bubba Sparx song “Ugly”.