Jah Cure – World Is In Trouble Lyrics

World is in trouble
In every ghetto there’s a struggle
That’s why so many people a fight fi hold on
In a the Gideon a bubble
A likkle herbs man a juggle yea
Tell Babylon minded people
Fi leave us alone

(Verse 1)
Whole heap a people working 9 to five
And it righteous to stay alive
No treat the people like a dirty flies
It hurt mi heart till mi soul a cry
This yah system yah burn yo eyes
Yo need glasses before certified
Send yo go prison meck yo waste yo life
Who cares bout I and I

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Get this straight
Ghetto youths waan food up pon the plate
Get this straight
Ghetto youths need help fi carry the weight
Get this straight
More youths rasta come fi elevate
And I hope that these words
Could make a better change

(Repeat Chorus)

Who feels it knows
And have the peace to see
Who feels it knows
And no have no food fi eat
Financial melt down
How comes Walt street fell down
And if Walt street fell down
Then it needs to get up

(Repeat Chorus)


  1. allan lmb was here

  2. Blazing tune