Jah Vinci – Please Don’t Cry (Shenequa Daddy Love’s You) Lyrics

Rocker my baby, please don’t cry
Rocker my baby, wipe your eyes
Rocker my baby, daddy say don’t cry
Rocker my child

(Verse 1)
Is like shi know seh mi inna bad company
And who mi a roll wid just no have no love fi mi
Mi should a tek talk when yo mother call seh
Daddy yo daughter a seh daddy come fi mi
Now mi sit down yah so inna jail
waan go a road cyaa get no bail
God know seh mi miss yo face
The likkle visiting time don’t know but wipe your tears

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
The road rough and the living ain’t easy
And weh dem a pay mi naw please me
Dem no care fi bore on me
Dem yah minimum wage cyaa feed me
So Jah, Jah, look down pon are
Shine yo light Jah, Jha, meck blessing run pon are
Mi love are meck shi aim to the sky’s
Jah, Jah, please no meck no tears run from are heart yea

(Repeat Chorus 2X)