Wyclef Jean Talks Lauryn Hill Legal Troubles, Says “My Door Is Open”

Perhaps Wyclef Jean is considering helping out his former band mate and lover Lauryn Hill.

Lauryn Hill temporarily escape prison earlier this week when a judge postponed her sentencing for two weeks to give her more time to pay a portion of her $968,000 tax debt.

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Earlier this month TMZ reported that the iconic singer/rapper is also facing eviction from her New Jersey mansion.

Despite her mounting legal and financial troubles, Lauryn Hill still has friends out there willing to help her out including her former Fugee bandmate Wyclef Jean.

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The Haitian born singer was speaking with Invasion Radio with DJ Green Lantern and Boss Lady earlier this week when he opened up about Hill’s tax woes.

This is what Wyclef Jean said:

“I definitely wish her the best. That’s definitely a serious issue. And, once again, if she’s listening, at the end of the day, my door is always open. You know? I never closed my door toward her, in the sense of she ever needed anything I was never the one to block. Because at the end of the day this is one thing I learned about life: Yo, we could beef as much as we want but if something was to really happen to her I would feel bad.”

During the interview Wyclef also opened up about the Fugees failed comeback attempt and his other former bandmate Pras.

Listen the interview below.