Shaggy ft. Beres Hammond – Fight This Feeling Lyrics

(Chorus – Beres Hammond)
The way you make me feel
From deep down in my soul
Am losing all control
Girl I can’t fight this feeling
Feel so rocked, champagne and candle light
The way you hold me tight
Girl I cant fight this feeling

(Verse 1 – Shaggy)
Woman yo nice
Smile paw yo face is like yo bright up all the night
Girl mi cyaa wait fi give you everything you like
Love yo from the day you face mi sight
I guarantied that you’ll be satisfied
Don’t be afraid to break the rules
On to better things now tell the likkle man fi cool
Thank mi lucky star I can’t believe a found the tool
And them all a spot you and yo tool
So meck them know seh that mi have the tool

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2 – Shaggy)
Woman yo bring the niceness, niceness
Gyal you have the place
Boasty, hard fi get, yes I love the trace
Yo know seh no badder man cyaa come call yo name
All weh a gwaan a you mi claim
Woman yo body tight, hotter, woman yo really bless
Polite, proper, our above the rest
You are ma darling empress
That’s why a, girl I confess

(Beres Hammond)
Fashion, fashion, you dance and you smile
You back an, back an
And I just know what it is you recon
Gimmi more, gimmi more
More, more, more, more, yes
Hey Mrs kisses, Am o gonna grant you your wishes
And you can bet on your forlid clover
Am gonna love you, over and over an

(Repeat Chorus)

(Outro – Beres Hammond)
Love me more, love me more
Love me till I want no more

Love me more, love me more
Love me till I want no more

Love you like that girl