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Mr. Vegas Winning, Warrant Out For Baby Mother Arrest In Custody Case

Mr. Vegas is smiling right now.

A warrant has been issued for the arrest of his baby mother, Shellian McBayne, after a no show in court for a second time in their custody trial.

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Earlier this year McBayne was a no show in court and the case was rescheduled to April 23.

However, she was a no show in court once again but this time she won’t be let off easily.

According to Mr. Vegas, Bronx County Sheriff currently has a warrant out for her arrest.

“I went to court this morning and she didn’t turn up again so I guess she must know what she is doing,” Mr. Vegas told Irie FM.

“All I am trying to do is fight for the right to see my to be in my daughter’s life. It is what it is because I don’t wish for any mother to be taken away from their kids and to get lock up and stuff like that… I am not going to stop fighting to see my daughter,” Mr. Vegas continues.

Mr. Vegas says he has not seen his daughter in over 8 months since his bitter split with Shellian McBayne last year after a cheating scandal.

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  2. keep fighting Mr. Vegas show the world that real men support their kids and go the distance to make a difference. I SUPPORT YOUR ACTIONS.