Mavado ft. Chronixx – Buss (Remix) Lyrics

(Intro – Mavado)
The cops search mi house this morning
But what dem searching for
Dem seh a me floss the mist box a money inna house
Mi brand new car
Only yo friends know yo secret
So a somebody weh you and dem spar
No trust none a dem star

(Chorus – Mavado)
Dem seh f gyal and buss gun
Buss gun
F**k gyal and buss gun
Buss gun
F**k gyal and buss gun
Gyal and buss gun
And the whole place buss down

Weh mi do?
F**k gyal and buss gun
Buss gun
F**k gyal and buss gun
Buss gun
F**k gyal and buss gun
Gyal and buss gun
ANd the whole place buss down

(Verse 1 – Chronixx)
But nuff a talk bout buss
Buss what?
Left some a dem a wait a the bus stop
Nuff get the bus and go fall off track
And sit down a bus back a wait fi buss back
BUt guess what?
Selassie high alone mi salute
All when lie a the strength Chronixx a talk the truth
Wi naw do wa Babylon waan wi do
Dem dress inna straight jeans wi inna karky suit
The only man wid pants paw waist
Naw follow no body
All when the whole Jamaica bleach dem face
Naw follow no body
A said a me man
A me same one
Settle poppa Chronixx pon the microphone stand
And when a we alone a play righteous song
Wi naw follow no body

(Verse 2 – Mavado)
Dem seh mi a dan and dem waan fi si mi sink
But you know a trainers week as it’s weakest link
So dem waan fi know how mi flex
And how mi move and how mi think
But as dem try fi know
Dem marrow flash pon the zink
Dem a sell yo fi a grand and the shearer dem
But man a meck dem disappear and no reappear again
True mi rock the most ice and mi things a clear again
Go tell the cops when yo si supn there again

(Chorus – Chronixx)
Trend easy fi follow
It no easy fi set
No settle fi the lest
I per seed fi the best
ANd if yo think a lie put me to the test
Gimmi a beat and a mic
No need nothing else
Si dem a drink rum but wi naw sip up
And wi no waan drunk till wi cyaa get up
Wi naw sing no song bout the party buck
Worst wi naw show wi under pants fi buss

The only man wid pants paw waist
Mi naw follow no body
We lock Jamaica and the 52 states
And wi naw follow no body

(Verse 3 – Mavado)
Inna full black wid a full strap
Suicidal talk so no listen 2 pac
So much enemies out there
Bay things a chat
Said am in Jamaica if I can leave back
Still Gully in the Benz and a ease back
Dem run up pon mi shooter
Buss hi till the breeze c**k
The diamond inna mi bezzle a 7 mill flat
Yo si mi chain a Jacub build that