Cliftwang Baby Mama Accused Him Of Rape

More money more problems.

Jamaica’s first YouTube sensation Cliftwang legal troubles are far from over.

Not only is his wife/baby mama drawing him before the courts for child support, but now she is accusing him of rape.

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Can a mane rape his wife? Yes.

According to reports reaching Urban Islandz, Cliftwang, whose real name is Clifton Brown, forced himself on his wife not once but twice.

To make matters worse for the aspiring dancehall deejay, his wife had a protection order against him.

Cliftwang has denied those claims when he appeared in court yesterday.

“Both of us sleep in one bed, in one room, we had sex twice, so I don’t know how she say I rape her!” he said.

Cliftwang remains behind bars since the judge denied his request for bail.

Cliftwang got a taste of fame in 2011 when DJ Powa remix a video from a newscast. The “Nobody Canna Cross It” video rocked up more than a million views on YouTube in a short period of time.

The video landed Cliftwang an endorsement deal with Telecom giant LIME. He has also tried his hands at dancehall, appearing at Reggae Sumfest and few other shows in Jamaica.

Since then Cliftwang has been in and out family court for child support.