Cecile – Life Is So Precious Lyrics

I gave a live am a vessel
A little daughter she’s such a blessing
And if I never love the life before
Am o love now for sure

Oh life is so precious you know
More valuable than all the words go
Oh life is the best gift I’ve being giving for sure
And my baby makes me love it much more

(Verse 1)
So mi seh mi know life could a sweet, life could a sweet so
Cause when you lest expect it that’s when lesson reach you
So live you life no make no body get you down
Cause a you alone can turn yo smile in to a frond
So mi seh life is so sweet
And everyday mi give thanks cause mi glad mi have it
So just be happy hold a vibe
Find you true spot and just gwaan take in life

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Here mi no
Today you deh yah tomorrow you gone
So while you deh yah live as much as you can yea
No bother worry bout the bills them hi no
And no stress over the thing them wa yo think you fi have
Cause a them things deh meck yo pressure rise up
Go a yo bead fall asleep and no wake up
So just be happy hold a vibe
Know seh yo bless yes caw yo have life

(Repeat Chorus)

Life is a blessings so don’t you waste it
Want hi want hi them no get it
If you have it make you love it
A wi seh life

(Repeat Chorus)