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VIDEO: Aidonia Gets Kicked In The Face By A Female

Think of the craziest type of partying on earth and then think of a dancehall session in Jamaica.

Dancehall deejay Aidonia is known for some of the baddest dancehall bangers such as “Tip Pon Yo Toe,” “Jack Hammer,” and “Caribbean Girls.”

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The Jag One Production head was performing at Soca Fete 2013 in St. Thomas over the weekend when a female accidentally kicked him in the face.

Aidonia was okay and just laughed it off after the incident before continuing his performance.

Watch the video below.


  1. wat a eiffle.

  2. hahaha, is it worth t?

  3. things do happen I think she was just doing her thing , i hope the rest of dj”s don’t put it in any of there song.

  4. suh a wah unno a prumote?( in my delcita voice) bullcrop don’t run wid this like seh she did it on purpose plus him a hothead soh don’t mek him feel like unno mean otherwise…fkg hell!

  5. LOL for a moment I thought it was a fight. So it go Donia worse happen inna dancehall.

  6. the girl deh juss dead she deven knw weh she juss do enuh.

  7. lol no man a big styling this…

  8. girl don’t have any sence, she hear tip pon yu toe and har foot in a air, a toe dat.kmt.