Mavado – Execute Lyrics

Dem a wonder a wa meck
Informer and gangster cyaa connect
Drop a smoke paw yo life like chronixx
But dem mouth dem think a scotch bannet
No sorry the day mi born pon the planet

Now a nuff dutty ni—- cyaa stand it
Gi dem a bullet from mi gun and meck dem nam it
This a no cartoon, this a no, no comic

(Verse 1)
One seh mi ugly like a beast, and mi blacker than blacker
Why yo watching me when the girls dem getting fatter
Go fix yo Momma mouth wid are teeth chaca, chaca
Mine mi kick off yo face like number five soccer
Fling bottle off a me mister B yo could not a
Bottle you a fling, bad man a buss clopper
Mine yo meck mi haffi send fi the eye shutter
As yo utter, clop a melt you down like

And a no chatter, chatter thing
Inna blood yo swim
Head back drop out before dem found him
The mother did a skound him
The dog a hound him
The strap weh mi have a it de bone him
Him friend dem boots him and meck mi shoot him
Mi pay all him gyal fi execute him

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Naw stop buss it up a that mi just seh
The police dem up a station no trust mi
Dem seh mi wild, why killer buss mi
As a man lay dead inna the street dem seh a must mi
But dem no know when the street did well dustly
When mi a step wid the tools dem weh rusty
Inna mi comma flauge suite and mi old clarks booth
Shot kick off yo head like

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. Maddd tune