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Skatta Burrell Diss Khago On Magnum Kings & Queen, Khago Wants Apology

Its getting real.

Donwnsound producer Skatta Burell took a couple jabs at Khago during last week’s Magnum Kings & Queen talent show.

But now Khago wants him to apology for making fun of him.

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During the live taping of the show on TVJ, Skatta, who is a judge, repeatedly shun Khago in favour of rival deejay I-Octane.

“Right now your hear to support the younger artists in the business that are taking it to Europe like Khago … No like Octane, Chronixx, Nature and those young youths,” Skatta Burrell said after a performance from contestant Jah Bouks.

Khago is accusing Skatta of using the talent show to disrespect his music and his brand and he is demanding an apology.

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“How can Skatta, who mi have so much respect for as a producer, go on national TV and bruk mi CD on a dancehall competition that is supposed to be building up artistes, and teaching them respect and integrity for the music?” Khago said in a statement sent to Urban Islandz.

“How him even think about doing that?” Khago added in the statement. “And how the sponsors and TVJ fi even condone him doing that? Him should apologise to the fans, him not even have to apologise to me, for dragging himself and the industry down like that. Him nuffi do dem tings deh, the whole ah Jamaica lose offa him, him coulda choose another forum or platform to work out his issues with me.”

Skatta Burrell says he has nothing to apologise for.

Khago announced his split from Downsound Records last month due to management and bookings issues. However, DSR head Joe Bogdanovich said Khago is difficult to work with.