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Rumor Control: Rihanna And Chris Brown Did Not Split

No panic Rihanna and Chris Brown are still very much together

The rumor mill is in full swing today claiming that Rihanna and Chris Brown are no longer together.

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The rumor all started after L.A.’s Power 106 tweeted out an excerpt from an old Chris Brown interview to build anticipation for their new interview with the R&B singer.

“Are you still w/Rihanna? @Chris Brown: ‘Uh, no-that’s the short answer,” the radio station tweeted.

Sources told E! News that the Chris Brown comment in question was from an old interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood.

“Chris Brown’s comment of that he’s not with Rihanna was from when Chris was here last, which Big Boy used to set up the question he asked Chris this morning,” a station rep said.

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Earlier this week Chris Brown explained to Ryan Seacrest how he won back Rihanna’s love after that infamous 2009 incident.

“I just tried my best to be the best man I could be over the years and just show her how remorseful and sorry I was for the incident and that time was probably the worst part of my life and being that she has and she’s a wonderful person I’m eternally grateful and thankful. It’s still like we’re kids. I try not to be too grown and be like, ‘Let’s have candlelight dinner every night.’ I try to make sure everything is fun. It has to be fun and it has to be genuine.”

Rihanna and Chris Brown 2013 picture