Dancer Keiva Says Mi Have The “Sekkle Down ……” [PHOTO]

Do you think dancer Keiva have the “sekkle down p—-“?

Benz punany was so yesterday, now its all about who have the “sekkle down p—-.”

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Translation for the millions of dancehall fans overseas:

“Sekkle Down Body”, or the more explicit way of saying it, means a female has a perfect body or a perfect p—-, that makes her man want to stay with her and put a ring on it.”

A more detail meaning is forthcoming from Konshens or Raine Seville.

Keiva sent out the below photo via BBM last weekend as part of Konshens and Raine Seville promotion of their new single “Sekkle Dung”

The photo may not have the same shock value as Konshens and Raine’s raunchy pics, but you just can’t deny, Keiva is banging.

This is what Keiva use to look like back in her dancing prime.

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