Ding Dong ft. Konshens, Chris Martin & I Octane – It’s A Celebration Lyrics

(Intro – Chris Martin)
It’s happy time again
Beach and boo’s again
Girls in bikinis
(I Octane)
Ohhhh girl
Park way tun up, bar bill run up
Clear the way bay hot gyal a come up

(Verse 1 – Ding Dong)
Stew chicken a jerk, fish a steam
Party shot selector turning up the scheme
Domino, pool a play
Money a run cause liquor full up every tray

Alright Benz full up
Every body a hold a vibes
Plus gyal a bruk out up inna singer blue light
Plus colors a done, that simple means mi clothe bright
Haffi clean when wi come out cause wi attract the video light

(Chorus – Chris Martin)
Waitress fill my cup again
Fill it up again
Wi a drink till wi nice
Every nights is the same, oh yea
Bottle pon table and the cup dem full up
Gyal a wine paw mi, caw mi pocket no broke
Deh song yah wi like it DJ pull up

(Verse 2 – Konshens)
It’s a celebration
No need to know what it’s about
You wanna be apart
Join us when we out

(I Octane)
Mi no drink herbs so a roots mi carry
Mi no play loose ball
So a boots mi carry
Woman a wine up him self and a groove the body
When mi si that every bone move inna mi
Yes wife call, this call
Send bag a text, who mi sorry
Tell are lie eep the truth inna mi
Cause mi know mi deh Negril pon the white sand
But mi tell are mi just cruse through Ligany

(Ding Dong)
Every time mi meck a dollar mi go chill
And mi friends dem pon the corner hold a vibes an wi a bill
Often wi belly pop up
Wi no carry tin skin
But no run no joke wid dove cause him cyaa take the mustaroo
Call mi brethren dem weh live inna foreign
Tell dem come down a Jamaica come enjoy the vibing
Pretty girls, pretty cars
Motor bike riding
Mi and Octane a spar cause a big man thing

(Repeat Chorus)

(I Octane – Verse 3)
Ding wi a celebrate caw wi money cyaa done
Woman a wine paw mi body
Mi seh honey calm down
Shi whisper inna mi ears and seh shi have supn fi mi
Mi seh baby bring it and come
Mi no drink liquor but it pile a mi foot
Mi no eat meat so mi greens pile and a cook
Gyal a wine up dem body fi a while mi a look
So babes seh a we love the vibes weh a push

Ding Dong, Mi have mi money inna mi pocket and mi friends dem beside mi
Mi real stinking linky nothing cyaa divide wi
Alcohol and the food surplus
Jah stand fi us, no man cyaa hurt us
And the ladies oh my God dem deh yah
Any female den yo cyaa call dem deh yah
The court and the ball dem deh yah
Link Ding Dong and the sound clan
Wi gyal dem deh yah

(Repeat Verse 2 Konshens)

(Repeat Chorus)

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  1. On I-Octane 1st verse, he says…

    Yes wife call, miss call
    Send back a text, through mi Siri

    Good job with the lyrics though. Helped me some.