Mavado – Jah Is My Everything Lyrics

Why prepareth a table in front me
And knoweth that your my enemy
Selassie High
Yea protect high and high yea
When the Eden dem a join

A prayer a day a fi all wi gi people
The same one mi used conker evil
Dem waan fi si mi fall
Naw happen none at all
Mi prase the man weh meck the rain a fall

Jah is my everything
My everything
When the Eden a pray fi mi fall
Dem waan mi fi left the Dancehall
And lose everything
Dem cyaa go round mi thing
Badmind an a words some a throw
But dem cyaa stop mi star mi a glow

(Verse 1)
Yea yuh no si seh fi mi feature bright
Jah protect mi all when dem a shoot a night
Hold mi squeeze mi hand like a shoes weh tight
If a no him a shine this then a who fa light
Yea the pagan dem a temp mi
From day one mi meck mi entry
Dem a team up fi try take mi blessing
Jah represent mi

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)
Yea mi a hear dem a drop word
Mi a go forward, dem a go back word
Foolish dog bark off a black bird
Mi no si dem inna the bible nor oxford
Si how dem ungrateful
And dem know seh father God powerful
Dem get left out a the Ark weh Noah full
Right now yo no si mi life colorful

(Repeat Chorus)