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VIDEO: Ziggy Marley Live On Jimmy Kimmel “Personal Revolution” & “Tomorrow People”

Reggae royalty Ziggy Marley performed two of his biggest songs on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Thursday.

The reggae superstar, who is Bob Marley’s eldest son, performed “Personal Revolution,” and his classic hit single “Tomorrow People.”

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Ziggy Marley is currently promoting his latest album “Ziggy Marley In Concert.”

“It’s me alone, and I’m doing all the instrumentation and stuff,” Ziggy Marley told Billboard. “It’s tough. It takes awhile. I work on a song for weeks — that’s how I’m doing this record. One song will take me weeks to get in a place where I’m comfortable with it.”

Watch Ziggy Marley performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.


  1. great song ziggy. not acting and faking to get attension. real natural, mother nature song. big up reggae the true message from the creator of human being. blessing people. I am in love with this brillion creation on earth. just looking at nature I feel peace, love, desire for my flesh to do evil works. blessing.