Ninjaman Hospitalized After Serious Accident

Desmond Ballentine, known to most of us as Ninjaman, is currently hospitalized after a serious accident in Kingston on Thursday.

According to Ninjaman, the accideny occurred on Red Hills Road while he was heading towards Downsound Records.

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The dancehall veteran says he felt okay at first but started feeling a lot of pain during a performance later that night.

“I went to Tifa birthday party and then went to Bob Marley Beach,” Ninjaman told Irie FM. “Killer and I-Octane were performing and Killer called me on stage. But when I went to perform I started to feel a lot of pain in my back. So I came off the stage and went to Kingston Public hospital. They told me I will need to do some scan because my kidney could be damage because signs of blood was found in my urine.”

Ninjaman also said his next court date is set for March 13th and that’s the same day he is scheduled to be released from the hospital.

Get well soon Ninja.

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