Bounty Killer – Hire Di Killa Lyrics

(Verse 1)
No gyal no waan no idlers pon are property
Seh shi no waan no likkle bwoy weh move c**katy
That’s why shi run weh happy be
Yow da job yah a fi mi
So mi juck are wid the spear like appochy
Over 1000 gyal a get mi loving that no matter mi
Rodney Price mi name, I am a walking makka tree
Gyal full up mi entourage no man no tan no back a mi
Mi daddy a gyallis so mi patton hi

The gyal dem waan higher the killa
Dem admire the killa
Mi do mi job so the gyal dem cyaa fire the killa
every gyal waan fi sing pon the quire fi killa
Hold tight fi the loving whole night

Sheet a rip up an the teeth dem a bite fi pillow
Hey a dem thing deh mi like fi Priscilla
Cho yo know how fi position right fi killa
Hold tight fi the loving whole night

(Verse 2)
Gyal waan gimmi the best a dem
Gimmi fi pressure dem
The alphabet position weh dem bend up like the letter dem
Open like the WO an bend up like the S a dem
Run off the the bed go pon the ground, go pon the dresser dem
Mark up are book wid the ink from the blacker pen
Maggy shi get another soup from the c**k again
Now is a next one from out a mi back
Feeding haffi stack again

(Repeat Chorus 2X)

One Comment

  1. Nuff respect Killa, bigman fe real,, everyday i have to play it nd no man can kross it.,. dj king arts