T’Nez – Mama Nah Cry Lyrics

Yeh dem fi know seh a T’Nez
Fross a fi mi mother this

Mi seh mi cyaa find another love
Stronger than mi mother love

Mi mother naw cry fi ever
Mama don’t worry mi deh put in the work
Things haffi get better

Yo naw cry fi ever
You make sure mi an mi brother dem alright
Even wid yo blood pressure

(Verse 1)
Mi remember the board house
Mi remember the zink fence
Mi remember the fry dumplings weh wi eat caw wi never have nothing else
Mi remember the clothe weh yo wash when you 8 months pregnant
When yo work from dust till dawn an yo tell mi yo two hand dem cramp
Shi ever treat wi wid cation
Mi mother never take no abortion
When mi did pressure mi call pon
Shi show mi the road fi walk pon
Mi never born wid no gold spoon inna mi mouth
More time wi no really have no food inna the house
Yeh mi put mi hand paw mi heart an mi plate

(Repeat Chorus)

(verse 2)
Mummy mi love an mi adore you
An mi swear mi would a never put a girl before you
Dem dis dem mother time an again
Throughout mi life a me shi guide an protect
Mi no waan si no tears from yo eyes
Mummy mi naw fall mi deh stay pon the rises
Stay away from the mise
Shi go through nuff stress fi we
Still yet shi waan the best fi we
My mommy ever there for me
My mommy always a care for me
Shi would a go fi love anywhere for me
In a mi heart she will forever be
She will forever be my mummy

(Repeat Chorus)