Chris Martin – Rain Drops Lyrics

(Verse 1)
I lock down an wonder where I went wrong
Why there is a pillow in the space
Where you belong
I cant see you but I feel you
Yo sending girl on
Reminiscing the times
We make love all night long
Am so lonely without you
I wanna call your phone
Just to say am sorry
And baby come home
Stop these tears from falling
Don’t leave me alone
Am dying without you
Here on my own

Rain drops keep on falling
And I cant help but calling you name
Your name am in pain

Tears of rain drops falling
I can’t help but calling your name
Your name its insane

(Verse 2)
If you knew how much my heart breaks
You would forgive me of my stupid mistakes
Girl if you knew just how much I care
You wouldn’t allowed me to shed one one more tear
I miss you so much more than I thought I would
Even the bad an most times they were good
Turn back the hands of time if I could
And treat you the way that a real man should

(Repeat Chorus)