Agent Sasco – Kind To Dem Lyrics

After wi never plat blind to dem, wi kind to dem
Mi give dem anytime dem ask to hey
But meck mi tell yuh wa badmind do them
Dem same one a sit down an class yuh
Hey all when yuh give 99 to dem
Dem waan the other one fi meck yuh last to
Dem all a plan fi last yuh
Yuh no si dem have a dutty mind
An a dutty heart

A nuff a dem a dash powder mi smell supn funky
Straight up a nuff a dem fu*k the monkey
A dem thing deh get mi cross like bounty
So dutty hear get cut off like a pumpkin
Dem waan yuh have a great fall like Humpty Dumpty
After dem no know how yuh pay yuh bills monthly
Dem no waan yo live comfi
Dem si yo things dem an a plan fi come take dem

Dem 6 dem waan fi take 7
Give dem 8 9 an 10, dem a wait pon 11
Wi si seh dem a dutty heart
Arms house seh dem evilous
Yeh dem a work fi di

Alright member seh time hard an every man a face it
Look how yuh a work hard night an the day shift
Dem no waan do nothing but
When yuh get yo pay slip
A month end time dem sit down a lay wait it
No waan fi si a ni–er shine
Dem mussi racist
Time is money an dem sit down a waist it
Give dem donkey an dem waan calf
Gi dem liquor dem waan supn fi chase it

(Repeat Verse)

(Repeat Verse from – Dem 6 dem waan fi take 7)

(Repeat Verse – From a nuff a dem a dash powder)

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