Khago Preps New reggae Album, Talks Rekindling Relationship With Mother


Khago has been mostly quiet over the past year but that was mostly because he has been working quietly on his upcoming album, as well as, his relationship with his mother.

During a recent interview with the Star, Khago shed more light on the upcoming album. According to the deejay, the album will make up of mostly reggae and conscious music.

“A hard work,” Khago said. “Mi tek 2012 an put it together and try get mi head straight. Mi feel seh it a go get a big buzz because people never really hear mi sing yet, most people only know Blood A Boil and Nah Sell Out. When they hear me singing they will have a new level of respect for Khago.”

“It will have mostly love songs and my struggles that I go through, songs with feelings, the acoustic side,” Khago added. “Khago started out doing reggae. I have to get back to the reggae side while still having a presence in the dancehall.”

Khago also opened up about rekindling his relationship with his mother. There will also be a song on the album dedicated to his mother.

“For the first time dem ago hear mi sing a mama song ’cause me and mi mother deh pon a good page. Mi a try put har inna a house before even miself. A dat mek mi even calm down,” Khago said.

“A bare heart mi have inna da album deh ’cause me and mi madda good again. Mi heart nuh tough up again. Not having your mother’s love beside you can toughen up your heart. Mi a get mama love, she a tell mi seh she love mi … soften you up and tek a bag of burden off your heart. Everything used to worry mi, but mi just a realise seh that was because me and mi mother never good.”

Fans can check out some new Khago singles including “Tonight,” “Marina Stretch Out” and “Road Dawg.”