Wiz Khalifa And Amber Rose Gave Baby Name Hints [VIDEO]

Hip-hop’s most adorable couple

West Coast rapper Wiz Khalifa and his fiancee Amber Rose stopped by Big Boy on Power 106 this week for a candid interview.

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Amber Rose revealed that she is due to give birth in five weeks. She also gave a few hints about the name of the baby, although not giving away the actual name.

“Five more weeks to go, I’m due in five weeks,” Amber Rose said. “It’s not really a common name. It’s a normal name, it’s just not common. It’s not common. We had the girl’s name already, we’re not going to say that either because we might have a girl next. It’s funny because I came up with the name for our boy and immediately he came up with a rapper name for him. It has to be a surprise. It’s a total boss name for a boy.”

An excited Wiz Khalifa says he has taken time off from touring to spend time with his wife to be.

“I’m really staying around because it’s an important time for Amber,” Wiz said. “She needs the support and we’ve had the [baby’s] name for a long time. She actually came up with it.”

Watch footage from the interview below.

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