Nikki Z Vents Her Frustration With Sting In Open Letter

Jamaican media personality Nikki Z is frustrated with the downward spiral of Sting.

Z wrote an open letter to Sting promoters last week via her Facebook page.

Read the full letter below.

I write this not to incite anger or madness but to try to understand and also to lend hope for change. Sting is a name and brand I remember as far back as any musical memory I have. It helped fuel my love for dancehall, the excitement, the spontaneity, creativity, passion, the music and even the costumes. Recently, I sat and watched everything I have learned to love about the brand “Sting” slowly dwindle into something more like a local talent show.

I understand that Sting is to be a clash meeting of some of musics greatest and most talented musical minds and I also understand that this pool of talent and clash minded individuals have dwindled into virtually nothing. But Laing, is there no other way to continue the brand “Sting”? This year alone truly disturbed me to the core. I watched the playback along with the rest of the dancehall lovers of the world and was left unfulfilled and quite honestly disgusted.

Shock and awe is an entertainment tactic use for ratings, notoriety and to incite media frenzy but Laing I ask you was this the only way? The one particular part that hurt me to the core as a passionate music lover was the “Dance Competition”.

I am not sure if you are aware but “Sting” was a trending topic on twitter. Jamaica alone can’t make a topic trend worldwide so that means the world was watching. People who look to you as I once did to see what is going on in the world of dancehall, this is what they witnessed. Do you believe that dance competition represented dancehall? Represented the Jamaican Culture? For me it was soft porn and quite frankly not sexy soft porn. A friend of my referred to it as looking like a “pack of wild animals rolling in the dirt”.

As for the clashes, I understand there is lack of interesting musical battles but do you have a marketing team that “thinks out of the box”. For instance maybe bringing back “Sting” clash veterans to do a friendly clash? Maybe an early segment between the young artist to clash each other freestyle until there is one winner? I know it’s slim pickings right now musically and I don’t want you to think this is to trash you or “Sting” because this is not my intention. My intention is to plea to you for the future “Think Out Of The Box” and please be more aware that the world watches your brand “Sting” to show them what is going on in the world of dancehall.

Laing I also know that the talent that are lucky enough to touch “Sting” stage MUST do better. Performance is key! Once again the world is watching… So if there is no clash or reason for clash it is my hope that these artist utilize this major opportunity as a chance to show the world what they are about! There is so much talent in JA maybe this year you put LESS on. Giving more time to those who show and prove their performance skills clash or no clash. “Sting” is a brand and one I truly love. I ask that you take back your brand and make it the jewel that it is and not just and everyday neighborhood talent (or lack there of) show.

Much Love & Best Regards,
Nikki Z