Busy Signal – Bad Up Who Lyrics

This lyrics is for the raw version of Busy Signal “Bad Up Who.”

Bwoy dem a chat tough
Yow mi hear dem a act up
Hot head chess dem cyaa puff
Busy yow hot head

Me stick to mi thing
No bwoy cyaa beat mi no switch to mi skin
Kingston Mobay naw mix wid the fin
Man no inna no skin te ting


Dem seh bad up, bad up who?
Which part? which crew?
A couldn’t me dem a chat a must you
Yuh cyaa calla mi caw mi no callaloo
Dem seh box inna face when?
How, which guy?
Mi no believe that a bloodclooth lie
Bad weh, dem story dem mi no buy
Hot head

(Verse 1)

Yow da one yah name heavy metal when it beat straight
Beat a no rose petal
Wet dem up disinfect dem like a detal
Mi things dem inna order alphabetical
Yow mi own mi things dem a no rental
Survive gangster life no accidental
Out a road mi get mi street queidential
And mi no left mi dogs caw that essential
Hot head

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Mi no join da run off mouth something yah
Hot head, my face dem cyaa thump inna
Buss one not even bump dem buss in yah
Watch man things like a flat screen Toshiba
Gwaan chat till mi get serious in yah
Mi things clean no carry no rust in yah
Wipe dem out like the bomber Erashema
Lone disaster

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Verse 1)

(Repeat Chorus)

One Comment

  1. There’s an error in at least one line in the lyrics posted above….Busy Signal sings ‘Mi no believe that that apply’. The double ‘that’ is from the island’s vernacular English. There’s also nothing in the song about a bloodcloth, and I don’t think such an item exists!