Biggie Smalls Daughter Honored The Late Rapper With Tattoo

Tattoos are becoming the new way celebrities pay homage to their love ones and their home towns.

T’yanna Wallace, the daughter of late rap legend Biggie Smalls, aka Notorious B.I.G, has payed homage to her dad with a tattoo on the inside of her bottom lips “B.I.G.”

Must be painful.

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Last year T’yanna Wallace also showed off her fresh ink of the late rapper posing as an angel on her shoulder. You can see photos of both tattoos below.

tyanna wallace BIG tattoo

tyanna wallace mouth Tattoo BIG



  1. woww I didn’t know she was around my age, she looked so young so I looked it up. only one year ahead.

  2. what a stupid thing to do to yourself! The tattoo on her shoulder is fine but your bottom lip wtf?