Vybz Kartel – My Crew Lyrics

Yow everybody drunk an happy
Raise unu bottles an glasses
Hennessy an Moet an Rum, street vibes, couple quad, couple flosses
Oh no work all day
Wi a party an burn out the crosses
Some crosses do this,come ina ina the office
Tun it up, tun it up, tun it up, tun it up loud, loud

(Verse 1)

In a the club, every body happy
Champagne a pop
Fi the street vibes
Pretty girl coming from every side
Don’t leave yo girl careless likkle bwoy
Wi take are go straight a the telly
We have the bill broad queen fi shi belly
If yo lose yo girl to Vybz Kartel
A no nothing wi a real dan no Tom no Jerry


My crew everybody love
Tun it up in a the club wah yuh a go do
Dem a seh night club, mi seh everybody knows
Street vibes an champagne wah yuh a go do

My crew my dogs
Yow a so wi hard

My crew my dogs
Yow a so wi hard

My crew my dogs wi a send yuh to the morgue
Family, chargie, pardy, pardy mi brother

(Verse 2)

My crew me happy yea
Everybody happy yea
High grade again tuning up ina mi head
Everybody lively no body no dead
When the club done wi a go start it all over again
Ina Kingston street vibes a tackle
Ina Diddy dockle Dray skull a pop a bottle
The club a my church the devil tabernacle
Life but mi no Larry King mi no take copy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)