I Octane – Mama Food Put On Lyrics

Marcus, Zink Fence and Wall
Meat shop no stalls
Glad seh mi dream come true caw tired fi hear mama ball
Now all a mi pain turn laughter
Long gone the days of disaster
Yow wi suffer but a joy come after give thanks to the father


Yea mama food put on
Tell you mama food put on
Wooy now the room stop leek an mi work an the roof put on

Wooy mama food put on
Tell you mama food put on
Wooy mama make a speech shi paray all our sins fi gone

(Verse 1)

Wooy tell you seh no more cold floor
Mama naw clean no more board floor
Mi wi sing till mi throat hole sour
Just fi make shi nice mi wi hold some more
Usto live in a the worst house, now mama down stairs a work out yeh
What a way like turn out mama bread winner burst out
Yow Marcus wi dash weh the heavy weight
And now mama a celebrate
And food full up in a every plate
And in a life wi a elevate

(Repeat Chorus)

(Verse 2)

Marcus mama fight it, yeh shi fight it
Nuff time the lip shi haffi bite it
All when the pain juck are like a ice pick
Shi still a hold firm like a voice grip
Wooy mama living large now
Mi tell yo swimming pool fi thruck off now
But pit bull in a are yard now
Mi tell you bout the garage now
Mama swet no waste, mama swet no waste
Although mama did stress fi years
Are son still never touch road an get so gaze
Mama live fi si a better days wooy

(Repeat Chorus)

(Repeat Intro)

(Repeat Chorus)