Reggae Artist Eek-A-Mouse Deported To The US, Faces Prison Time

1980s Reggae star Eek-A-Mouse has been deported to the United States from Paraguay.

According to reports, Mouse flee the US in 2010 before going on trial for rape and drug trafficking.

US Marshals captured the reggae star with the help of authorities in the South American country in November of last year. He was in that country illegally.

Eek-A-Mouse, who proclaim his innocence, says he missed his court date in North Carolina due to a flight cancellation in Europe as a result of volcanic ash from the Iceland volcano crisis.

Eek-A-Mouse is currently behind bars in North Carolina awaiting his court hearing. If found guilty he could face up to 20 years in prison.


  1. I’m a good friend of Eek a Mouse does anyone know what jail he’s in, does he have a bond and if he has a good lawyer? Mouse never needed to rape a women. Drugs well that’s another story… But I know he’s a good man and don’t need to be in jail.


  3. Foreign press Bullshiit, FREEEEEEEEE MOUSE.

  4. FREE THE MOUSE and STOP THE HARMSHOUSE….This is the TRUUTH News reporting live from florida Havana USA…QUOTE”Rude Bwoy”Meaning conscious ARTISTS seh soh…He’s INNOCENT….An Investigative journalist repeat… FREE THE MOUSE and STOP THE HARMSHOUSE…He’s INNOCENT.If that story here really go soh…We not jumping to any HEAR SAY…Cause this look like a set-up story.We are following the news to see if this has any merits to it.
    He’s one of our most respected and SKILLFULL DJ, INDIANS CHIEF CALLERS conscious INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS….But a wah do dem a wah do dem dem dem? A me nuh know” Oh…A mi nuh know oh oh…

  5. He didn’t flee from America and he is innocent of the crime…free the mouse!

  6. Everyone knows he didn’t do it, he should be free by now.

  7. Hernan De Jesus Grey Funez