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Karrueche Tran And Teyana Taylor Kiss Each Other Happy New Year [PHOTO]

Karrueche Tran may have her heart broken by Chris Brown but that won’t stop the Asian model from having fun.

Karrueche was spotted with Chris Brown former BFF Teyana Taylor ringing in the New Year at Club Euforia in Miami on Monday night.

Rihanna And Chris Brown Escapes To Africa For Kora Awards & $10 Million Gig

The two ladies were snapped by paparazzi playfully kissing each other.

While Tran was partying it up in the U.S., Chris Brown was on the other side of the world with the love of his life Rihanna. The two were on the African continent for the Kora Awards and a reported $10 million gig for an African billionaire.

Teyana Taylor kiss karrueche

Karrueche and Teyana Taylor


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  1. Hi –

    If Karrueche is inclined…she can admit that she’s desperate…and forsake desperation….

    Of course, we shouldn’t believe all that we read…but if it’s true that after all of the recent media photos of Chris and Rihanna – Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years – and Karrueche is still living in Chris’ condo and allowing herself, for the most part, to be financially supported by Chris who obviously is NOT that into her…that signals desperation….

    She managed financially BEFORE she met Chris, though, of course, not as well as she does AFTER Chris – but self-respect is worth MORE than being a kept woman getting bling etc. from a man who has publicly revealed that he’s NOT than into her.

    Karrueche needs to put the kill on her relationship with Chris and move back with her parent(s), if necessary until she can get her own financial independence….


    Team self-respect all the way….

    Hi –

    Karrueche needs to stop begging…. and have some self-respect.
    Obviously, Chris Brown is NOT that into her. Karrueche is not his tax dependent, child or wife. Chris is not the Karrueche welfare agency.


    She posted a picture of her wearing a Chris Brown t-shirt on Christmas morning and on Christmas afternoon he publicly shows up at the Lakers game with Rihanna.

    I believe that it’s been reported that Karrueche and Chris have some sort of business partnership and that she’s his stylist. Well, it’s in her best interest to dissolve the partnership to save herself….

    Karrueche needs to have some control over how she’s treated. Self-love before Chris love. She can choose to refuse to accept his calls… – after she moves from his condo – if she is, in fact, living there.

    It’s been reported that Chris purchased her car. If she has the title – good for her.

    Karrueche needs to stop contacting Chris. That’s the sensible move, – and refuse to accept/respond to his calls, e-mails, texts, tweets… Really – what do they have to talk about that’s in the best interests?….


    Team self-respect – all the way.

    Wednesday January 2, 2013.