Demarco – Real Quenga Lyrics








Andrew Blacks
Bun up a Demarco
Bun up yea
Bun up Marvally, Samacon, Joesland

No bwoy cyan tell mi fi run back no things a no we that
Cyan take bun up finger fi idiot
Bwoy seh dem a steppa mi no believe that
Marco mi name di whole world can see that


Mi meck talk mi no take talk
Bwoy claim seh dem bad den step cross
Dem no badda badda again dem get soft
Back street eat bwoy food like bread fast
Yeh real quenga quenga
Yeh real quenna quenna
Real bad man genuine like ladder
Real quenna quenga
Real quenna quenga
Pon di battlefield yo naw go run left yo brother

{Verse 1}

The thugs dem no try that, better avoid that
Bay though talk a meck wi no fear guy chat
Left bwoy face like di apple pon di Imock
Me an mi browning wi tie not why not
Revenge sweeter than sugar ask Minot
Anybody di quenna dem waan wi a find that
One bag a noise yeh look how much coin drop
Dem a no mackintosh fi gi hi chat
Bun up, bun up

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Wi no play di quenga dem no stray
Mobay no ramp fi turn night in a day
No fraid fi paint yo blue sky in a gray
Hey ray send bwoy go back a di play
Caw Portmorre no listen when fool talk
Role wid a bag a face banger wa no too talk
Broom dem wi have a sweep di road dem no too short
Sweep den wi move off
From Kingston Baltimore New York
Bun up, bun up

{Repeat Chorus}

{Repeat Verse 1}

{Repeat Chorus 2X}

{Repeat Intro}