Fambo – Baby Chris Party Lyrics







There is a party out
Fambo Baby Chris
No one never party like this
We party hard
We party hard
We party hard

With di bottles up
With di battles up
With di battles up


We party all night
We party all day
We party everyday
Like it a holiday

All night
All day
Like it’s a holiday

{Verse 1}

Able fi take more liquor in a mi glass
Shell down di bar wi no matter wa it cost
Talad game wi no stop from floss
Lui zuba good wi good wi endorse
More liquor in a mi cup full it up, full it up
Champagne girls a drink
Drink up, drink up
So wi role wid di x6 glass tint up
From Briston to British link up
Drink up

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Party night an wi party day
So wi live our life is di party way
If di party no nice then mi naw go stay
Put Henny an Sirock on mi party tray
Every girl wa wi know
Every street wa wi chad
Baby Chris swag just a drive girls mad
Wi a party from wi was a little lad
Wid di bank quad from all Cory Tod

{Repeat Chorus}


We party hard
We party hard
Yard and abroad
We party hard
New Yorks an deck
JA an deck
Canada an deck
England an deck

{Repeat Chorus}