Nicki Minaj Says Her Past Made Her A Good “American Idol” Judge [VIDEO]

Nicki Minaj says her rise to stardom from being an underground mixtape rapper helps her to be a better judge on American Idol.

In a new promo video released by the show’s producer, Nicki Minaj opens up about her passion for being a judge on the world’s most recognized talent show.

PHOTO: Nicki Minaj Shows Off Her Assets At American Idol Audition

“I’ve been told a billion times and I think it’s very important you have someone that knows what it’s like to be disappointed and have to try again, and that’s a big part of the audition process,” Nicki Minaj said.

Nicki Minaj made tabloids headline earlier this year for her onset feud with fellow American Idol judge and music icon Mariah Carey. The two have since settled down in their positions in the judging panel.

Peep video below.