Tommy Lee Says He Stop Pree Bounty Killer, Talks Duppy, Career & More [VIDEO]

A week after that venom from Bounty Killer during his interview with Winford Williams OnStage, Tommy Lee sits down to give his side of the story.

Speaking with Winford, Tommy Lee says he did not get booed at Chug It, however, what happened at Rum Punch was orchestrated by Bounty Killer’s camp.

VIDEO: Bounty Killer On Tommy Lee “His Management Is His Biggest Damagement”

“I never went after Bounty Killer, but am not even on that level right now, anything that happen just past and gone and that only make me stronger… It didn’t feel like it came natural so am not phased by it,” Tommy Lee told Winford.

“Right now am not on certain things, its my career am preeing right now,” Tommy Lee added.

Tommy Lee says despite the demon persona being labeled on him he still pray to god and he is receiving a ton of prayer because the church folks says he is in need or prayers.

“A entertainment and the people know but they just love the controversy,” Tommy Lee says. “I never see a duppy but maybe them real yes… maybe I might see a duppy and deal with him and not even know.”

Peep Tommy Lee interview below.