Bounty Killer On Tommy Lee “His Management Is His Biggest Damagement” [VIDEO]

Dancehall legend Bounty Killer says Tommy Lee is not his newest foe in his first full length interview since igniting a beef with the “Uncle Demon” deejay.

Speaking with Winford Williams of OnStage, Bounty Killer opens up about his beef with Tommy Lee, the recent boos by fans, relationship with Mavado, fall out with Isiah Laing, Beenie Man issues with gays and more.

On Tommy Lee being a foe.

No I wouldn’t say the he is my foe but there is a little tension going on between me and him. Earlier on I stated on Twitter that all demons and devil are going to die at Sting, not specifically naming anybody… You know the fans going to put who them want to put in the picture.. They search for a demon and fit in the picture. I never went after Tommy Lee, I went after the devil.

On Tommy Lee getting boo.

I was at Rum Punch chilling having some rum punch and I saw him come in and them put him on stage, him singing him little songs them same way, getting him little reception. But him can’t perform because I tell people performing is different from singing a song. Him just come from Chug It and him get a jug a boo for calling my name describing me as some stupid things where people know its not Killer you a mix up a must be your father you a talk. Him went to Rum Punch now and proceed to say ‘mi know dem say mi no fi say nutten bout it inno but dem a press di thing inno, dem a send people fi boo mi inno’ and proceed to say the same things about Killer… so the booze went to boos. He has no sense of damage control because he knew I was there and he didn’t care. I think his management is his biggest damagement.

Bounty Killer on Beenie Man

He is so small you can’t even find him. Because Beenie is something tiny so I don’t know that’s a little guy. The apology to the guys its affecting him… thats not a mistake that’s a fishstake.

On Mavado

Mi de a party and I see Mavado come in and him didn’t hail me so I don’t where me and Mavado relationship stand right now. He came to Bounty Sundays and even bring idiot Chase Cross and I feel that is a diss because that bwoy diss me. I hear people say Mavado a big up Kartel and Gaza and not not bigging up Alliance anymore and Killer.

See what Bounty Killer has to say about Sting, Tommy Lee, Mavado, Beenie Man, and much more below.