Tommy Lee – Gyal Yuh Perfect Lyrics







Gyal mi love unu mad
Mi love unu bad
Mi love unu all mi swear to god
Mi love unu

Watch di Trinidad girls dem
The Jamaican girls dem
Mi Guyanese girls dem
Mi Basion girls dem


Tonight me want a gyal fi move
Watch di gyal dem a wine in a di party
Gyal a you wa me want a you me choose
Cause you perfect, You perfect
Gyal hmmmmmmmm

{Verse 1}

Shi under di vibes a di rum
Shi a wine, an a wine, an a wine whole night
Shi a call and shi waan mi fi come
Shi naw si mi come
Are sweat just a drop pon di ground
Mi need you gyal mi love you gyal
You mi waan gimme son

{Repeat Chorus}

{Verse 2}

Gyal gimme every love wa jah meck
Watch how di gyal just a wine pon are neck
Come one a way meck wi squelchy weh quick
Gyal a you mi naw reject
Baby come meck wi go be in a mi apartment
Seh shi want a banana fi peal

{Repeat Chorus}


Tonight tonight deh gyal yah fi fall in a mi rat trap
Hmmmmmm mi waan fi shot off like a rocket

{Repeat Chorus 2X}


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